Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sick in bed and bored stiff

I now have 1 child (an alcohol syndrome child) who I am supposed to be doing healing work on. I met her for an initial consultation but then ended up sick in bed for the last few days. Hopefully next week I can begin doing work on her.

Shortly before my bout with bronchitis, I had started preparing my spring beds for planting. I had been digging trenches and then burying the peelings. I am hoping to get a bokashi bin to speed up my composting. But one of my latest ideas is to try help the local poor people grow their own veggie patches. And bokashi bins will work out too expensive for them even if the bins are donated. So I'm looking into worm bins as another option. 

That would be easier just from a point of view that one person gets worms and they breed, then they can give the next person some worms.

I really am finding that there are so many things I want to do to help the community as well as things to do at my house. But with a full time job, there is just not enough time to do everything I want to.

And now with me sitting in bed, I'm growing bored stiff and restless. I've read about 3 books in 3 days and halfway through the 4th one. But I'm itching to be healthy, out of bed and sorting my household and garden out. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's all finally falling into place

It's now August. I know it's a few months since I posted. But until now, there was not much to post about.

Today I had a meeting with the social worker and 2 of the safe house moms. They are very interested in my idea of doing touch therapy on the children. We have another meeting tomorrow with all the ladies in the area who run safe houses.

I've also mentioned my ideas for building a play park for the kids on my land. They like that too as the park that was in the location, was destroyed by teenagers and adults. Hopefully my dogs can prevent that from happening to a little play park on my property. I'll still have to fence off the area where I put that so that the dogs can be kept away from the kids.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to actually get some details together. These ladies all foster as well as run safe houses. So they know way better than I do, what facilities are most needed for the kids.

And I'm also hoping to get dates and times for the start of my healing journey.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Waiting impatiently to hear if I've been accepted

I'm hoping to start my volunteer work soon. I've chatted to Rico, the project manager for the charity that I'll be going through. He's going to chat to the nursing sister on Wednesday about organising an interview with me. I cannot wait to hear if they accept me and if so, when I can start. With luck I should know something by Wednesday. To be honest, I'm starting to get impatient as I would really like to start working with the children soon.

I know that I should be living in the now, but I keep finding that my mind is just busy with ideas of how to improve the lives of the kids around here. And of course I can do nothing until I get into the work and see what's being done already and how I can contribute.

Scariest of all is the fact that I really want this all to work out. I'm fairly confident that both my touch therapy and the energy healing will be beneficial to the kids. But will these benefits be enough for them to offer me a job? This of course is the question that worries me most.

I know that I have to be patient, but it's so difficult. Taking life one day at a time is easier said than done.

Friday, April 15, 2011

How will I survive the next few months

I have loved my job from day 1.  And then the day I realised I need to be a healer, I have lost all interest in it. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't need my job to pay my bills. I have both a mortgage bond and car repayments so quitting my job just because I'm bored of it, is not an option.

My healing work will be starting with some part time volunteer work. If what I do, helps the kids, then they will try and get sponsorship to hire me full time.

So over the next few months, I really need to pay off as many of my debts as I can so that if I get offered a salary that is not what I'm used to, I will be able to take it.

The thought of doing my day job for the next few months is hideous. But if I can just stick it out and pay off my credit card, my car and as much of my bond as possible, then I think it'll make my future a lot easier. And give me more options.

In the meantime all I have to do is somehow get through 8 hours a day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've discovered my purpose in life

I started having some dreams a week or two back that finally led me to wake up one morning just knowing my career is wrong for me. I realised that I am going to be a healer. And that purpose is also the reason I'm sitting in Uniondale.

About a day later I realised I need to work with alcohol syndrome babies and drug addicted babies. Well, after years of trying to hear my guides, I'm finally getting messages loud and clear.

I've done my Reiki 1 and 2 a few years ago. But I never really used it much as it didn't resonate with me. Then last year I did a Quantum Touch course after having a 15 minute treatment on my back. I've been working with Quantum Touch for a while. But only on friends and family. Up until these odd dreams, I really had no idea that I should be a healer. And I never felt drawn to it before.

I have also realised why I have collected all these herbal books. So now I need to start studying and growing herbs. And then making remedies. But in the meantime, I met someone who told me of another method of healing called the Reconnection. I have just finished learning that and did a session today which went very well.

So it looks like everything I thought I was, and everything I assumed would be part of my life, was wrong.

In the past few months since living in Uniondale, I have changed so much. I'm a much softer person than I was 6 months ago. I'm far more emotional too. But I believe that it's all part of the growth that was needed to prep me to become a healer.

I also realised that my marriage to an alcoholic was necessary. And the reason I was destined to marry him was to learn empathy for kids living in homes with alcoholic parents. It is so weird to finally understand so much about my life all of a sudden. To realise that every step I've taken in the last decade or two, has all been to prepare me for this new role I am to take.

Of course, now that I knew what I wanted to do, I need to start working with these babies and kids. I've spoken to a friend who's involved in charity work in my area. Hopefully I can start with some volunteer work soon.

So I will actually get back to blogging. But there will be a lot more about my journey to help these kids. But I'll also write about my home, my pets and how I eventually get self sufficient. But I do think my journey to become a healer will be the main focus of my life now.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A new year and I'm in my house

Oops - just realised that it's been a really long time since I posted.

I've started making improvements on the house but still have a long way to go. Will post pics shortly.

But hey - I'm learning lots (gonna be doing as much as possible myself).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still waiting on transfer

I've now signed bond and transfer documents. Paid in my deposit and all costs.

Now it's just a matter of patience (which I sorely lack). I'm hoping transfer will be effected around end of September / beginning of October. But until I hear something further, it's just a long waiting game with no end in sight.

I'm already researching things like ceiling insulation to decide what I want to do before moving into the house. But then it's hard to decide until I have keys to the house. Without measurements, I cannot even get quotes so don't know what is affordable yet.

I guess I should find something to distract me for a month or two. Every time I do research on things to do, it is frustrating. Because I cannot get quotes, cannot make decisions.

Even the new shower is purely academic until I have keys and can measure up to see what size shower will fit into the bathroom.